JDS Insurance & Financial
JDS Insurance & Financial


If you are age 45 to 75 and:

  • Concerned about having a medical.
  • Wish to leave a small legacy to your church, grandchildren or other worthy cause.
  • Wish to ensure there are no unpaid bills left for your loved ones.
  • Want to pay for probate fees, legal fees or executor's fees which arise on your death.

Then the Instant Issue Plan is designed especially for you.
Everyone Qualifies for Life Insurance - NO MEDICAL REQUIRED

Contact Our Office For Great Quotes 905-764-7868 or 1-800-917-SAVE
Brett Russell EXT 251 (direct line 905-907-3268) or Tom Larha EXT 245

Individual Life and Groups are our Specialty
J.D. Smith & Associates Insurance Brokers
105 West Beaver Creek Rd.,
Richmond Hill, ON, L4B 1C6
website: jdsmithinsurance.com/jds-life_insurance_instant_issue.htm



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