Mike Hayward - Graffiti, What To Do?

In the 60’s graffiti immerged out of the slums in New York with the economic down turn. In the 70’s a new form of graffiti came to light in the urban centres and by the 80’s with the Hip Hop, Robot and rap music the culture went viral. The birth of a new era. The film industry, clothing and decorating brought a new look of colors and shapes. Internationally, change in the imaginative focus of the youth, behaviour dance, music and art. At first Graffiti was a culture of expression. Then HIP HOP youths were taught the style and by the 80’s it became more deviant and the act of risk and criminal attitudes slipped in. Soon the element of “illegal” became more attractive to the youth. Graffiti went worldwide. It really started in 1971 with “TAKI 183” a courier who wrote his name and street address everywhere, eventually he was tracked down and made the New York Times, woof, he became a hero. The tag writing started, David Choe was commissioned by Facebook to graffiti their lobby and became famous and very rich. This created the intrigue for the desire to be popular.

When and Who?

  • Graffiti is usually, done by people between the ages of 12 to 37 years old.
  • The average graffiti tagger is between 16 to 26 years old.
  • Most taggers are male Most graffiti occurs between the hours of 9.00 pm and 3.00 am
  • Summer Months is when Graffiti peaks.

Are you a Tagger or do you know a tagger? This is what to look forward to:

  • Graffiti taggers on average have between 1 – 73 encounters with the Law in a period of 48 months.
  • The average Graffiti Tagger collects 2.1 criminal Charges within that period (4 years).
  • 46% of graffiti taggers have “Graffiti Vandalism” as their first charge.

Graffiti Vandals with 5 or more encounters with the Law

  • These offenders have a more Violent nature
  • Are more entrenched in the subculture
  • Theft becomes standard. Violence is next.
  • Drug and alcohol abuse soon follow.
  • Graffiti demonstrates addictive behavioural characteristics.
  • Arrests and Jail time.

How does it start?

First they observe, then assist, and then participate. All graffiti vandals start as observers, Do not be deceived: “Bad Company can result in your children getting involved. Be Vigilant. Graffiti will cause property values to fall.

What to do about Graffiti

The most effective way to deal with graffiti is to have it removed,as soon as possible. Makes sure the color is matched and avoid squares. Try pressure washing or have it removed by a professional. Adonai Unlimited is one of the companies that can offer help (1 855 777 2290).

You may find that you need to have a regular patrol, in high activity areas.

How to get out?

We suggest coming clean, confessing, and being honest about what you are doing and finding someone to whom you can be accountable, to help you stop. In many cases the law is favorable to people who come forward rather than those that Police and agencies have to spend valuable resources arresting. Most people prefer to forgive. Graffiti is an addiction and there are many addiction courses that can help . For help, a good place to start is with a church. Ask at the office if there is any addictions counsellors that they could recommend The individual need to get new friends and get away from the culture.

If you or a friend is involved in graffiti, you need to stop. Don’t hide it. It is better to expose a sin than hide it. Here is a verse that can make a real difference in your life. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Phil 4:13



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